Ultra-Distance Paddling Touring In North HokkaidoTeshio River
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Down the Teshi - O – Pet Special 2021

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Ultra-Distance Paddling Touring In North HokkaidoTeshio River
July 2021 ・ 29
th Teshio River Canoe Touring t
Announcement of cancellation of Down the Tessi-O-Pet 2021

(Also the 19th Hokkaido Canoe Touring Tournament)
Hokkaido Heritage Teshio River Canoe Touring Competition Notice of Cancellation of Down the Tessy-O-Pet 2021
Thank you very much for your continued support and cooperation in organizing the Hokkaido Heritage Teshio River Canoe Touring Competition "Down the Tessy-O-Pet". We have decided to cancel the Down the Tessio River Canoe Touring Competition "Down the Tessio River 2021", which has been held every year since 1992, due to the unpredictable situation of the new coronavirus infection. However, there is no guarantee that effective measures will be taken to eliminate the various risks that may arise from holding the event, and it is undesirable for the board members and staff to perform preparations and duties for the event with anxiety. The decision to cancel the event was also made due to the fact that the vaccination process is still in progress, but it is not yet complete, and there is still a long way to go before we can expect to see an end to mutated strains and asymptomatic infections. Down the Tessie O-Pet has been held since 1992, and has been loved by many people as a canoe touring event representing the Teshio region of Hokkaido, and as an event where people can experience the wonderful attractions of the Teshio River basin. The event has been held since 1992 and has been loved by many people as a representative canoe touring event and as an opportunity to experience the wonderful attractions of the Teshio River basin. Every year, about 100 boats and 200 people from inside and outside of Hokkaido participate in the event, with a total of more than 5,300 participants to date. However, the 2021 event will be cancelled, but we hope to see you all again at the Teshio River when the situation is under control and it is deemed possible to hold the event. Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the participants and all of the organizations that have supported and cooperated with us to make this event possible. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the participants and all the organizations that have supported and helped make this event possible.
June 28, 2021 (Japan Standard Time)
Tsutomu Sako, President, NPO Down the Tessie
Kazusa Kichikawa.Down the Tessie Executive Committee Chairman

   Teshio River Map
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NEW watershed canoeing event
Clothing regulation
Participating ship
What's down The Teshi?
The history of down the teshi
Participants must read!
Safe canoe basic knowledge
Participant question bulletin board
I will answer the question
 1美   深
 2恩根内テッシ 豊清水の瀬
 5神   路
 6佐   久
天塩川水位 水 量

Mr. Takeshiro Matsuura, a named parent of Hokkaido
Mr.Takeshiro(1818 - 1888) is an explorer who performed six degrees Hokkaido exploration from 28 years old to 41 years old.
At the time of the fifth investigation (1857 - 4 years of Ansei), I went up to the Teshio River upstream in a log boat.
At the age of 51, he was appointed to the Meiji Restoration Government as a pioneering judge and was involved in the selection of road names and district boundaries.
Takeshiro who understood the Ainu language while visiting Hokkaido numerous times knew that the people of Ainu call themselves Kai (people living in this place), including Northern Isoei We proposed six plans. In case
He wrote that everywhere in the survey report "I should save the life and culture of the Ainu people", He was given a ranking number five from the long-standing accomplishment, but I am angered by the discrimination against the Ainu race who does not stop, I resigned and returned the fifth place to the country. Even now, Mr. Takeshiro prides himself proudly in the Teshio River basin as a person who cherish the local culture and climate.

Video @ Teshio River "4 days of down the teshi 
Date and time
Participation recruitment
Contact address 〒096-0007
Mnami1-chome, East 7Jou Nayoro city
Phone 01654-3-8890 fax01654-3-8890
Mail npo.dtt@gmail.com
Sponsorship NPO corporation Down-The-Teshi
directed by Hokkaido Canadian Canoe Club
なんもなんもよく来たな! やっとかめだな さあいくべ! 俺らの旅はまだゴールに達してないしな
酒向勤  大会長



Down the Teshi The theme of this year is 100 miles course full of Teshio River
Competition information! !
Posting date supervision
Hccc 入会案内 北海道カナディアンカヌークラブ会員登登録用紙.pdf へのリンク  
      総会議案活動計画             総会内容.pdf へのリンク.
DTS Course Hazard Point Map / Movie

Teshio River
The top of Japan. "North / Hokkaido"
Teshio River that pushes its center north towards the Sea of Japan is 256 kilometers long
160 kilometers (100 miles) of them do not break down rivers such as dams and rows for a week!
CANO HEAVEN can only have a long tour in the country!

What is Down's Teshi?
  It is a coined word of Ainu language and English of "Teshiokawa" "Downhill".
  It is a touring event of the domestic maximum river canoe in the legendary descending from the Teshio River that has been running since 1992.
  It is a spectacular canoe expedition deserving of magnificent Hokkaido which goes down the section of 40 to 50 km of Teshio River each year for 2 days each year and goes down to 100 miles (160 km) once in 4 years with a river touring camp. Continuing from 1992, I have continued to grow history by raising the Teshio River Master. Entry qualifications will be granted only to experienced self-rescue workers and those who are passionate about their self-rescue

2.原始をとどめる北への流れ 北海道天塩川
Flow to the north where primitive is left Hokkaido Teshiokawa
The history of North and Hokkaido starts from the river
The only road of the earth covered with virgin forest is the "river"
The only way to connect the ocean and the mountain is
Sturgeon and Ito live in,
People living in Ainu live forever
Takeshiro's journey of investigation, named Hokkaido
Big River which the trade ship went up and down.
The railroad crossed in the river only during the era without road
To the DNA of our descendant of Hokkaido settlers
My thoughts on the river are engraved.
When Teshikawa gets back the flow with spring sunlight
I want to go to the river anymore, my chest bursts and makes noise
A small homemade canoe that connects the days of old times and now
We travel in time and flow of water in a canoe

It became more severe regulation (became)
Why? If the rescue dispatch increases and the staff wears out, there is no continuation of the tournament.
Those who can not row straight already are not eligible to participate! Do not forget that life is at stake. Participant skill is questioned!
More than 40 kilometers a day "Can you row?"
We will strictly apply row withdrawal order to participants.
① When you are behind the group as much as it is related to the safety of other participants, cut it off.
② If you can not make a straight line, stop rowing! Disqualified!
③ If you row with a canoe without entry (no insurance), every team exile permanently.
Team also knows circumstances Other teams are disqualified! I will not ask for complaints even if you drink it
④ If there is a false application that is safe to participate in the application, it is disqualified.
Especially when you can not self-rescue, if you participate in fake you can not be disqualified.
When you are not worried about rowing technology, participate in a preliminary workshop, participate in a workshop, if you do not have the skill participate in the competition
Those who wish to participate in the "Special Event" for the first time, please wear the rowing technique firmly until then. Let's become a HCCC member and take a safety lecture

We have rental boats but we will not lend it to you!
Easily get involved if you get involved (tipping over). I am thinking about the following things (I can not participate because it is not enough to fit in hands) from anymore (dunno). If you go to the river you can not do anything (to blame others) on anything! Do something troublesome (hard). With my tools! Responsibility by myself! The stupid bastard (a stupid idiot) blows (to knock with a stick) and it gets cheated (it hurts to hit).
● I do not have equipment, but I will rent it · · · · · · · · · I will not lend it.
● I do not have any skills but I can line it if it is canoeing · · · I can not ride
● I do not have a boat but can rent it · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
(You can use the rental boat only when it is difficult to carry on a long way etc.)
● I usually have kayaks but since this time it is two people I will borrow a canadian · · · I will not lend (Canoes can not be borrowed to those who do not know how to use or how to use)
I have ridden several times with rental · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
● I will go abroad but will you lend me? · · · · I will lend you if I have enough experience

This is the northernmost point!
  It is very far from the city and far from the hill!
The origin of Tessi is Ainu language
  Meaning to multiply (or catch fish)
There are many natural obstacles and rocks and many obstacles.
  Climate and topography change upstream, midstream and downstream, and there are autumn and summer on the same day.
The severity and beauty of such nature are here.
  There are many primitive river shadows everywhere, 100 miles (≈ 160 km) out of 256 km in length fall at a stretch without a weir, and may be able to meet Itoh and sturge as well as Sakura Mass

6.It seems like it will be awful (serious thing)
  Are you ready for canoe preparation?
  Used boat
  River It is also safe to use it in long touring and there are things that can not be used
  Even though I came all the way, be careful as it is a tragedy if you disqualify from the boat and safety equipment test before the start! Retirement due to breakdown Preliminary inspection and selection of canoe are important so that there is not such a thing! Even commercially available boats can not leave their lives in things like toys. Boats and other rowing boats are not canoes. If handmade canoes and kayaks are not ordinary shapes and strength materials, they are subject to screening before photographing (before certification) subjects to be judged Most of the things that are not suitable are those with insufficient rigidity or rowing speeds are slow ! (Packing craft and inexpensive plastic canoes) When such a ship is brought in, not only ourselves, it puts the whole in danger

7.Safety equipment
  A strict regulation is to protect you Because a strict regulation is to protect your life
  A little carelessness leads to injuries
Submerge something important in the river! You will regret it
There is no outdoor shop in Teshio River!
  I will do for myself! For that, the usual preparation is important

PFD · horn · buoyancy bag · rescue rope on painter rope. For those who are important, the quality is more stringent

8.Let's participate in the paddling class (workshop)!

Everyone uneasy about rowing skills!
Easy rowing and recovery and self-rescue
Let's experience the fact and aim for a more canoeist.

9.Safe canoe basic knowledge
  There are three seasons a day, missing fire in the evening even in the midsummer As soon as the rain falls, the bodily sensation is winter! When the wind blows, body temperature and humidity are robbedly deprived of Northern Hokkaido's harsh outdoors.When rain comes, cloudy water will not know the depth of water and the teshi and obstacles will be invisible.The temperature goes down as you go north, the rice fields · fields · The valley and pasture land and the geography change.The wind does not necessarily blow from the same direction Canoes sunk by the wind in the river.When protecting the passenger for hours on the river and no rowing skills, Oh, I can not move on. In case
  To be able to live in vast nature, give to only you my friend Canoes begin from solving firmly the book of wisdom of the past to protect myself and my colleagues安全なカヌー基礎知識

10.These two days are not alone!
Let's hang out (rigidly trying hard), meet a lot of friends, laugh (OK then), talk hotly like youth's days!
  The greatest river tour is the best canoe meeting!
Share an amazing experience. I might be able to meet some great people who have had more amazing experiences, they may come across canoe owners in various forms and may touch innovative ideas of canoes and outdoors that have never been touched or seen. Meeting can enrich everyday from tomorrow and may be able to find life-long mentors and lifelong mentors. It is not never to be found, but to walk around and speak out for yourself. I am tired and I do not have time to sleep on a single tentこの二日間は、一人じゃないっしょ!

公式グッズ オンラインストアー
11.Down The Tetris Official Collectibles 1
Let's buy Mag · Portage T · Rescue Point T-shirt!
Rescue Point (Dangerous Point of Course) Let's Safely Down with Print Shirt

.12.Down the Tetris Official Collectibles 2

Even though I leave the river, coffee time reminds me of days in the river.
Cupca born in Teshikawa Now 4.980 yen at special price!
  Northern Europe Finland's northern part of the Lapland region has hand-crafted a birch tree made of white birch wood, which is hand crafted and sent to a loved one, is said to bring happiness. You grew up in the water of the basin of the Teshikawa river and the big white birch tree was reborn as a cubsa and you will invite you to memories of the nature rich canoes of the northern Hokkaido Teshio River even in daily life away from the river

 HCCC事業部 吉川

13.Can we become a canoe supporter?
The dream you saw did not end!
I heard that many of my friends stopped canoeing recently when I was doing canoeing for over 30 years.
So I got the old kayak the other day. If you can not ride a canoe or if you are having trouble with the placement, why do not you leave it to the Down's Thetec Executive Committee and give it to the next generation?
Secondhand canoe recruitment New boat purchase donation wanted
  A. Let's send the canoe from Hokkaido to the national body!
  B. Let's send disabled canoe players in Hokkaido to the Olympics!カヌーサポーターになりませんか?

 実行委員会副実行委員長(HCCC事業部) 吉川

14. 2018 Course point map

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